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Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith

Dancing and horse-riding are natural lead-ins to classical Pilates—and Nicole excelled in both areas, reaching her teaching exams in dance and becoming a Pony Club instructor and Dressage judge. While dancing and riding are no longer among her activities, Nicole maintains her involvement with horses, breeding and showing Arabians.

Before her career as a Pilates instructor, Nicole gained certification in personal training, group exercise and massage, and worked for many years in those disciplines.

Nicole has trained under some of the best classical Pilates instructors. As a Romana-trained Pilates Method teacher, Nicole learnt her skills under the supervision of Romana Kryzanowska and Cynthia Lochard, and studied under Dina Matty and Marda Willey. She also holds comprehensive certification by Peak Pilates, is certified by Clare Dunphy, and studied under Alison Percic.

Knowing the importance of maintaining her skills and updating her teaching techniques, Nicole attends workshops and seminars, and participates in on-line forums with other instructors. Her clients benefit from the subtle changes in her instructing that come from Nicole’s continuing education.

Studying under the guidance of Jay Grimes and his team at Vintage Pilates LA is Nicole’s next major goal.

Nicole’s love and enjoyment of Pilates are evident in her teaching and she is keen for her clients to learn Joseph Pilates’ original method of body conditioning, that he called ‘Contrology’, as a complete way to fitness and health.

"Nicole is so knowledgeable and can always show me a different way to learn an exercise that I’m finding difficult."