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Six principles

Classical Pilates is based on six fundamental principles:

  • Concentration: Focus is required for all movements.
  • Control: The performance of exercises needs to be controlled so that each goal is achieved.
  • Centering: All the work in Classical Pilates comes from your centre, known as the powerhouse.
  • Precision: Each movement should be performed with precision.
  • Breath: The control and rhythm of your breathing enables you to perform with control and quality of movement.
  • Flow: The sequence of exercises should be flowing but with control, and graceful with dynamic energy.


"Contrology (Pilates) is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play and work. You will develop muscular power with corresponding endurance, ability to perform arduous duties, to play strenuous games, to walk, run or travel for long distances without undue body fatigue or mental strain."

from Return to Life Through Contrology by Joseph Pilates

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About the studio

We provide comprehensive training in the original Pilates Method of body conditioning, and use a wide range of authentic Pilates equipment, which allows
our teachers to help you refine your exercises in the way that best suits your body and abilities.

At Classical PilateStudios you'll find that we:

  • Always have fully qualified Classical Pilates instructors.
  • Always tailor sessions to your body’s needs.
  • Always use high-end Classical Pilates equipment.
  • Provide sessions for beginners to advanced students.
  • Provide complete training for men and women in private, duet, trio and quad sessions.

Classical PilateStudio, based on Brisbane’s northside, began in 2004, and is owned and operated by Nicole Smith.

New clients

So that you achieve your fitness goals safely, we give all new students an information sheet about appropriate clothing, studio etiquette and safety.

It's important that you read this carefully, and speak to your instructor if you need any clarification.

Pick up a copy of our Information for New and Existing Clients at the studio or download it here.

What clients say

"After giving birth to two big boys I was nervous that I would never be able to get my stomach muscles back. I felt that at 34 years of age my body was weak and my posture was poor.  I have only completed 8 sessions with Nicole so far and I feel amazing. I feel stronger, my posture is better and as a result I no longer have a protruding stomach. I am exercising muscles I didn't know I had and this is only the beginning!

Nicole is an excellent teacher, she really knows her stuff and she will make sure you are doing it properly, at a pace which suits you. I cannot recommend her enough!"

R - Brisbane