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In pilates we often find ourselves in precarious positions. Movement and balance are what make up a good workout —so its important to have the right gear for the job.

Great workout gear for you

Classical PilateStudios supplies gear for purchase, to make your workouts smarter not harder. Check below to see our range of quality products.

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  • Classical PilateStudios Grip Socks

    Classical PilateStudios Grip Socks

    –AVAILABLE— Pilates socks are a must for making workouts easier. A stick-grip under-sole ensures a firm footing while training on pilates equipment. Essential for workouts on cool… $10.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Classical PilateStudios workout shirt

    Classical PilateStudios workout shirt

    –AVAILABLE— Own your own premium Classical PilateStudios workout shirt. Made from quality, breathable fabric that retains its shape. Lightweight and flexible fit for comfort and e… $18.00 Currently Unavailable